How often does it happen with anyone that he loses a childhood hero on his birthday? Yes, I just turned 30 (not-so-dirty thirty, despite what other just-turned-30 cynics might say), and I thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who took time to greet me during an otherwise internet-breaking, soul-crushing, event known as the passing of Steve Jobs.

It’s all bittersweet to me, but it’s okay. We are all fortunate to live during a time when innovation and originality are wanting. Thank heavens for giving us this generation’s Edison. We need not worry about Apple; Mr. Jobs and his crew has placed major ding in the universe.

Play sad songs on your iPod now? Go ahead. Wax a tribute on a desktop publishing program on your Mac? Better. Send a tweet using your iPhone? That’s it. Small tributes add up to a once-in-a-moment explosion of human compassion and union, and yes, it’s a loss, but, in what Mr. Jobs told Bill Gates back in the late ’90s – “The world is a better place now.”

I am 30 now and, personally, if I could even get 1/64 of what Steve has given to the world, I’ll feel like I did my own special thing to the world we live in.

And as for the haters who ask “why the name iPhone 4S”? It’s simple.

“4 Steve”.

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