Stuff and “Stuffs”

And yes, I’m back to the blog universe. It has been a long, long time since my aching head and back finally got the urge to let me post on my blog. And yes, I love to be back. In the interest of sharing, let me say things that I didn’t find time to say during the past few weeks.


First and foremost I would like to thank the great Jon Voltaire for a great find from his digital baul. What is it? It’s a picture of heartbreaking loss and sun-melting joy. Many eons ago, me and my buddies watched a PBA game between Mobiline (now that’s old school!) and Ginebra. We were witnesses to the Bal David historical buzzer-beater in this game, and here’s the picture!

If I remember it right, this game was during the semifinals wherein Mobiline was seeded #1 and Ginebra as the 8th-seed team. You can barely see me and my friends here but, yes, I still have that D-Generation X shirt!

Folks, tell me if the hyped-up Google Plus project is cool or not. I’m quite intrigued on this one. Despite their recent social media failures (Orkut, Buzz), I believe that this can be Google’s answer to Facebook. Just an answer, that is.


Yes, I’m still following wrestling, and yes, I think CM Punk’s shoot promo is the best thing in pro-wrestling right now. For those who hasn’t watched it, I got the video here:

Is CM Punk the spark of a new Attitude Era for the WWE? Stay posted!


Why are our pulitikos picking a fight against China? ‘Cause we got Uncle Sam by our side? Please forbid a war between our countries. Not so much for size difference but what gives?

If someway, somehow we win a war against China? What are we going to do? Ah yes, flood their shops with ” ‘Made in the Philippines’ stuffs”. Or, or, build shanties on the Great Wall.

If there’s oil in the Spratlys and our country is able to somehow obtain these resources, I am highly-confident that we would still suck as a nation because of the quality of the people our beloved folks voted for.


4 thoughts on “Stuff and “Stuffs”

  1. It’s great to finally know that my Pareng Mike is back writing interesting “stuffs” again. 🙂

    Thank you also for the appreciation…though it would be better if we can obtain Hubert’s live VHS copy of this game, which I believe had a better quality that the one I’ve obtained on YouTube. That way, we can see our pretty faces much better! =D Imagine, fresh graduates lang tayo nun from high school. If we knew then what we know now…oh well, can’t believe it’s been 12 years since that game! From what I recall, it’s a quarterfinals series…so parang 1st round sya sa NBA Playoffs kung saan ang #1 seed ay na-upset ng #8 seed! Ironically, that same year, #8 Knicks eliminated the #1 Heat in the 1st round! The difference was, buzzer beater ang pinangtapos ni “Flash” David while ang tira ni Allan Houston ay may less than a second pang natira! Talagang napaka-story book ng ending…may twice-to-beat advantage ang Mobiline and they lost both! Kita mo naman ang reaction ni Franz sa pic…that says it all!

    Sana i-post mo rin ang pic ng old DX shirt mo from that memorable night. I still can’t believe “Chyna” gave you that as a Christmas present! Hahaha! 😀


    Nabasa ko nga ang tungkol dyan sa Google+ na yan. Para tuloy nagiging GMA-7 vs. ABS-CBN ang Google at Facebook sa labanan for internet domination…at Microsoft ang naging TV5. =P Remember last year nagstart maglabas ang Google ng sariling smartphone (HTC Nexus One) and this year (Samsung Nexus S)…at lately naglabas narin sila ng laptop (Acer & Samsung Chromebook). So it didn’t come to me as a surprise that Goooooooooooooooooooooooogle is again trying to steal some of FB’s thunder. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata! 😉


    Sino si CM Punk? Honestly, hindi nako nakakanood ng wrestling kaya hindi ko kilala ang mamang yan. Siya naba ang poster child ng WWE ngayon? Ano ng nangyari kay “Herbert” Batista? Ang huling balita ko lang sa wrestling ay ang pagbabalik ni DA RAK…hindi pa ba nya binubugbog ang Punk na yan???


    Sus…ayan na naman ang mga mayayabang na Pinoy pulitiko. Umaandar ang pagiging “feeling nationalistic” nila…knowing that the Old Uncle is right behind. I’ll just let the sarcasm of Lourd De Veyra speak for itself:

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