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Back to the blog universe for me. I terribly missed it and I hope it missed me back.

A decade ago, during the events of the 11th of September, I really thought World War 3 is at hand. I was freaking scared. Ten years forward, yes, we have a war, and yes we have a crazy world, but I hope World War 3 won’t happen anytime soon.

Speaking of 9/11, Bin Laden just got his ass handed to him. Where was his AK-47? He didn’t have much firepower at hand during the time he got smacked but what he did have are loads of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. “Down with U.S. Imperialism….!” Maybe include, down with hypocrites who are opposed against anything about the West but continues to patronize Western stuff. Pathetic.

And speaking of pathetic people, the Philippine Daily Inquirer‘s headline for today is “PH Muslims Honor Bin Laden”. I’m a fair person, but as a follower of my faith, I don’t think I’ll be up for something like “PH Christians Honor Marlene Aguilar”.

Burial in the sea? I thought you’re not supposed to throw garbage in the sea. Oh well, it explains that this man might need lots of water on where he’s going.

Why no pictures of Osama? And there are pictures of humiliated prisoners in Guantanamo bay? Wow.

Where’s Wikileaks when you need them?



My pick? Chicago Bulls, baby!


My pick for Ombudsman? Gibo Teodoro…who else? Better than what you have sitting in the Palace, yes?


The ones who love our country are the ones who’s abroad, methinks.

Some people here who profess so much love for our country that they want to French kiss it are typically frauds.

If you want this country to be better there’s more to do than quoting the Scriptures or making asa from the rich people. There’s more to do than wearing nationalistic shirts and shooting for world records.

With world records mentioned, what is this uber-obsessive fixation with having world records of very trivial things? We are really content with mediocrity.

And speaking of mediocrity, nothing against the Prince’s Filipina nanny but it’s about time we have to be more than slaves to other nations. Being a nanny is a decent profession but it’s high-time to raise the bar!


Finally, here’s a thought: now we have a very glamorous idea on where to bury erring ex-heads of state, brutal political clans, and brain-dead, heartless, inhuman morons who are in our society. Ah, we’re not supposed to throw garbage in the sea remember?


Pasig River is dead, no?


And if you’re a leader who’s lived a good life and fought the good fight and raised the lives and hopes of your people, when you die you get a funeral cortege with millions of people and flowers and your coffin will be seated atop a big flatbed truck full of colors and soldiers. You get a decent burial, too.

But if you’re a leader who’s kurakot and won’t make amin about stuff that’s hanging above you like a kulangot around a moose’s nose, chances are, when you die, you get a few hundred people, bouquets of katuray, your coffin will be transported by a Multicab, and you get thrown into a body of water.


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