Wrestlemania 27, PH’s English Standing, and A Huge Proposal

Anyone watched Wrestlemania 27? Here are my thoughts.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan for the US Championship booked in a dark match? Absolutely ridiculous. These are the two of the brightest stars right now and not showcasing them is an epic fail.

I was absolutely shocked when they opened the show with the World Heavyweight Championship match with Edge and Alberto Del Rio. I was mildly surprised by Edge’s win. I was also waiting for a Christian heel turn, too. Del Rio’s World title reign maybe in the cards within this year.

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio was not the show stealer everyone hoped it would be, but there’s the action comic vibe that I really dug with the entrances, with Mysterio’s Captain America costume to Cody’s “deformed” headlines, DC Comics-style,  in the video wall. Match-wise, I think there was too much emphasis on the knee brace and the face protector. I dig this new Cody Rhodes dark character, though, but I’m still annoyed by him not wearing any knee protectors. He looks like an office guy who forgot to wear his pants to work.

The Corre should have won the match between them and the team of Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella, and Kofi Kingston. A highly lethargic match, but it’s more plausible The Corre won since they have the Tag and Intercontinental titles and to keep the heat on them. Kofi Kingston was a good replacement for Vladimir Kozlov, but it will be more fantastic if it was Kevin Nash, since Wade Barrett eliminated him from the Royal Rumble.

Seeing The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin face to face for the first time since their epic match in Wrestlemania X7 gave a lot of people goosebumps, including this writer. Awesome moment.

I absolutely marked-out when CM Punk paid homage to Bret Hart by using the figure-four while Randy Orton’s legs were wrapped around the ring post. The New Nexus has been an absolute waste. Mason Ryan could have at least made a run-in to try and save Punk’s ass. Punk should have won.

Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler felt too way overbooked. I could have done without Cole’s entrance promo. The “Cole Mine” bit is also cool and I’m predicting a “Hell in a Cubicle” match between these two. There, I said it.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker, in my book, was a 5-star match, but not really in the level of Mania 25’s Michaels-Taker match. It seems Triple H always gets the cool entrances. Anyway, the nearfalls were dramatic, especially the bit when Hunter drilled The Dead Man with a Tombstone. I thought it’s 18-1!

After hitting the Cartwheel move, Snooki earned my respect.

And for the main event, the Cena-Miz WWE Championship showdown, it felt like it’s just another episode of Raw. This match felt too way overbooked. Now, we have the John Cena-The Rock match for Wrestlemania 28, and this writer feels it’s a long long way to go. They could have just booked this match in December, and the pop of pops would definitely happen!

All in all, out of 5 stars, I’ll give this Mania 2.5 stars. Wrestlemania 26 was way cooler than this recent one.


And so, can we say we hugely suck in the English language? Some people think so, and it’s sad to think that some of our compatriots go negative about this issue. In the recent study made by Education First, a global education firm, shows that nations like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan did well in the English Proficiency Index, placing 13th, 14th and 15th respectively. Globally, Norway is up there at #1.

Now, you may ask, “Where is the Philippines and how come we didn’t rank so high?” Before the uber-sensitive people come out and troll like crazy, pestering forums with jejemon poison and all that crab mentality stuff, let me remind you that our country wasn’t included in the study (Click on this map). Besides, our Asian neighbors come here and learn English, and yes, that’s done cost-effectively.

The sad thing about this news is a good number of Filipinos feel they’re less Filipino when they speak in English, which should not be the case. The English language is a tool for global competitiveness. Personally, I’m still learning the nuance of the said language but doing so doesn’t make me less Filipino. I strongly disagree with the so-called “nationalists”, who argue that China, Korea and Japan progressed without immersing themselves with too much English, hence the reason for using only the Filipino language. As you can see, there are Tagalog-dubbed versions of Hollywood movies on free TV, which hugely sucks since we claim to have the 3rd largest English-speaking population in the world, just after the United States and United Kingdom.

Why feel so emotional? Feeling nationalistic? Super makabayan? The countries that are ahead of us, be it economically, educationally, etc. are masipag and mahal nila ang mga bansa nila. Nationalistic? We can’t even read and follow the warning signs, and it’s written in Filipino. We are masipag? Yes, we are! But only in the presence of foreigners! We can’t even extend our hands to our fellow citizens! Blame the government? Blame the educational system? Blame the media? The problem is, we all wanted to have those hot garbage that we see and experience in the first place.

Nationalism goes beyond our cute Philippine map shirts and badges.

Speaking in English and being good at it doesn’t make us less Filipino.

It makes us less Filipino when, say, you crab your way through the challenges of life.


Here’s a good proposal to solve the woes of our country.

Let the corrupt people have their way. Let these “honorable” ones do their jobs. Give them all the money that they can possibly have. Open up Bangko Sentral and let this become the personal cash box of this sweepingly “good” and “honest” individuals.

Let the wives be provided with all the dollars and euros that they can bring in their purses and let them have the grandest shopping sprees this crazy planet has ever seen. Let them buy houses in upscale places like Hollywood or in the western part of Paris or build high-scale buildings in Dubai or in Shanghai.

Let their children run aimlessly and beat the traffic lights while cruising in their Bugattis or in their SUVs. Doesn’t matter. Let them pay the principals or the deans in their schools. Let some of these educators be in the payrolls of these children. Doesn’t matter.

Let the corrupt policemen be given lagay. Same with some government employees. Give them lagay. Don’t lodge a case against them. Just give them what they want.

As a taxpayer, I’m slowly beginning to be apathetic, but I still care; hence, this proposal.

This proposal will only work only when we take these two things in consideration.

1.) We get the hell out of here,or:

2.) We give all the money that these corrupt morons can have, but in coins. Sacks and sacks of coins. Imagine, 1 billion pesos worth of 1 peso coins. Make them count the coins. Seguristas, ‘di ba? If they can’t or won’t count, then let these sacks fall upon their heads, their wives’ heads and their children’s heads.

That’s how you solve that corruption problem. It’s a win-win situation.

They get our money. We make them pay.


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