With the recent events happening around the world, one may not make sense of it all. But who are we to answer things, especially when it comes to how the world will end?

I remember the first end-of-the-world hype back when I was in grade school. I can’t remember the cult’s name, but they went posting their posters all around EDSA, particularly at the corner of Annapolis St. where the soon-to-be-demolished V.V. Soliven building is standing. I can vividly recall the poster’s design. It contains the word “rapture”, written in Impact font, which  is a reference to the time when Christians will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ. Another detail is an image of Christ coming down from the heavens with the people looking up in awe. I can also recall the month and the year written on there; it was October, 1992, but can’t remember what’s the exact date.

Me and my fellow kids gathered one day to play another set of Agawan-Base. The cloud was dark then. It barely rained, but it was still a cool time to play “moro”. While playing, most of us knew what was the hype then, but we barely understood what it is. We can understand though the disasters that struck our nation before that time: the July 1990 earthquake and Mt. Pinatubo’s volcanic diarrhea back in 1991. Add to that the Gulf War and you basically have a recipe for an apocalyptic assurance.

Then it became darker as usual. Heavy gray clouds hover upon our school like vultures eying carcasses. I, for one, can’t speak about it, because I was too much caught up with the poster’s message. The end is about to come, and here it is. I could almost feel the statues in our school staring at me, moving, waiting to speak to us. I even thought the Ninoy Aquino bust would speak, asking who killed him and judgment day has come. The maya birds were flying like crazy. My schoolmates were still moving on with their lives, unmindful what’s about to unfold. Here they are, with their Colemans and Air Jordans, high school players waiting to play basketball, but suddenly bitching about the about-to-be bad weather. “We can’t have P.E.!”, they thought.

A small ray of sunlight suddenly entered the dull picture. It was hope. At least for me. But I thought I’m seeing something else. I am dramatic. Here comes the sun. I say, it’s alright. We shall continue our lives then! I still can play my Family Computer endlessly! The end of the world didn’t happen; at least not during that time.

I am not a Biblical scholar nor a religious commentator, but I find it ridiculously absurd that some people and sects really do claim that they know when the end’s going to happen. I’m confident that most of us know that the end times can’t be predicted. However, we must watch for the signs. The signs include these ones who claim to have a higher intelligence than the One. I don’t want to abuse anyone of their beliefs or faith, but you must know when to stop talking and predicting and actually be a more helpful person.

What do these people do? Post exact dates of the end of the world event. I mean, exact. Ready for numerology? Check. Some even calculated 3/11/11 plus 9/11/01 = 12/21/12. Mayan calendars rule some people’s lives. Notice the wrong math. It should have been 12/22/12. Wow. Now it’s 12/22/12. If you believe that, then it’s one more day lease of life here in our planet. Amazing. They could have used their talents for the stock market, picking lottery numbers or anticipating the nature or spread of diseases around the world. Of course, they won’t use those talents for those things simply because those so-called gifts are nil.

Every generation has anticipated that the end will come in their lifetimes. Will it happen in my lifetime? I’m not sure. Subscribing to Scriptures would be the best idea. The bottom line is, there are signs, but only God knows when to end the world. Only God and not people who “preach” while almost plastering your face with an envelope or a basket.

Hey, the new Superman movie will be shown on December, 2012.

Maybe he’ll save you.

One thought on “Paranoia

  1. I was in 5th grade then (1992)… and even though I never saw any of the “rapture” posters plastered around (did it look like this, I remember the TV Patrol broadcast of October 29, 1992 when Noli De Castro reported an incident in South Korea (dated 10/28/1992) about the EPIC PREDICTION FAILURE of a certain Korean religious cult waiting for the end that didn’t come. Why did I say epic failure? Because most (if not all) of its members either sold/gave away their earthly possessions, quit their jobs or simply discarded their material wealth…since they can’t bring them all to heaven anyway! Realizing that God “stood up” on them, as you might expect, an ocean of tears, loud wailing and full of regrets from the pitiful cult members and its leaders!

    Hmmm…which reminds me, my Mama said to me after the news that she noticed our house maid was staring at the moon and the sky near our driveway on the night of 10/28/92! We thought that maybe she was a believer of that failed rapture…and she never even told us that she’s about to leave us that night? LOL! Eh kung natuloy pala yun, wala syang plano isama kami! NYA-PA-CHE-PA-CHE!!!

    Oh boy…the passengers waited and their flights were canceled! God damn.

    Last time I checked (2008), the condemned V.V. Soliven tower is still standing. I guess just like the “rapture” that most religious freaks are STILL waiting for on a different date, the building’s demolition has yet to happen! HAHAHA!

    Oh yeah… “Superman: Man of Steel” WILL open on Friday, 12/21/2012! If that’s “THE DAY” the shit hits the fan (which I seriously doubt), I’ll be in a movie theatre munching popcorn!

    “I’m not normally a praying man, but if you’re up there PLEASE save me SUPERMAN!” – Homer Simpson

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