Behavior in a Disaster, Baller Redeemin’ and Awesomeness

One thing that I’ve noticed with the Japanese people now that they’re dealing with this unfortunate situation is that there’s no looting, no rioting, no roaming bands of morons seeking to exploit the situation. It speaks huge volumes about the culture and dignity of the Japanese people when compared to other nations (including our own) whose people when faced with similar situations behaved quite differently! Remember “Ondoy” when some morons routinely robbed flooded houses?

Speaking of some self-righteous cretin maggots that troll a lot in various websites such as Yahoo! and all that, it’s sad that some people actually blame God for these circumstances. They actually believe God did this to the Japanese people, saying that apparently, God is merely knocking on the doors of the Japanese people because they are “non-believers”. These are ridiculous comments made by people who have a ridiculous amount of time and energy and brain cells to think up stuff like their so-called “comments that care”.

Jim Paredes talked about people only being “armchair revolutionaries”. Well, some people ought to be strapped with duct tape on their armchairs for life.


The Miami Heat has finally got it together, methinks. It’s got to be some sort of redemption for ‘Bron and company, like the 30-point win over the San Antonio Spurs. It’s too early to tell, but the coming playoffs shall be hugely interesting.Let DWade take over, especially during crunch time, and the Heat will re-surface once again as the favorite.


I recently stumbled on a topic about John Stockton’s kid, David. David, like his dad, is a point guard for Gonzaga University. Still making a name for himself, tallied a modest 7 points and 3 assists off the bench to help his team to the NCAA Tournament. I was able to see some highlights of this particular game and really, David invokes a lot of his dad’s play. Well, everything except the shorts part.


The Miz is finally proving that he belongs to the Wrestlemania 27 main event. On the recent RAW, he managed to one up John Cena again while dressed as The Rock. He hit two birds with one stone in that sequence. I do hope that The Miz retains the title and Cena turns heel, which would be very welcome considering he hasn’t changed his character for the last 6 years.


On the final note for today: whoever thought of airport terminal fees should be afflicted with a terminal disease.


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