Handheld Hangover

At one point or another, we’ve all had what we call “electronic babysitters” which have made our childhood truly awesome. Handheld gadgets which enlightened our minds and kindled our hearts while we innocently let idle time pass us by. These days were made golden by these little miracles which paved the way to the tech toys of today.

I know some of you can relate to this, not because you’re old but because you’ve had fortunate and satisfying childhood, too. Every kid must have his/her toys, I say. In my case, though, I had to borrow some gadgets from my friends and in return let them borrow my own stuff.

Here’s my ode to the top 5 gadgets that made my growing-up years fulfilling and fantastic. (in no particular order)

1. Octopus – Game and Watch

I asked for my father for a particular robot set (he was working at Saudi Arabia at the time) because I was all nuts about “The legend of Voltron,Defender of the Universe.A mighty robot,loved by good, feared by evil.” Instead, I got this. It opened my eyes and prepared my tentacles for years of video gaming fandom. This game is rather simple; you have three fellas on a boat, each one gets a turn to get the treasure that’s being guarded by an octopus who’s got a face that looks more worried than Joe De Venecia. Boundless fun, but hugely frustrating as a kid.

2. Submarine Battle

The term “submarine” was introduced to my little mind through this handheld game, years before the term “submarine” was molested in an Andrew E. song. I borrowed this game from Paulo, one of my kababata in Cainta. In this game, you either shoot torpedoes or launch missiles. That’s it.

3. Western Bar

Shooting people in a bar using a revolver in a game reminiscent of a Lito Lapid movie scene, this one’s probably wasted most of my time while having me get so much kick out of the facial expressions of the characters involved here.  You enter the bar, you shoot the morons, you shoot the plates, you shoot the cans; that’s it. It prepares you for a career in Counterstrike and Halo, with a minor in Call of Duty.

4. Brick GameBefore the shawarma craze gripped most of the nation way back in the mid-90’s, the cool and “in” thing was the brick game. Spawned by the popular video game “Tetris”, this handheld game about bricks became so popular that even Eat Bulaga made a contest called “Brick The Record”. In stalls everywhere, Brick Games came into various manifestations (like a boxing game! and a tank game, too!) and so many in-ones. Yours truly, for one, even saw a 1000-in-one Brick Game. What the hell, it even has a racing game! And a basketball game! Your player’s got a shoot more “bricks” than Frank Brickowski! (look it up!)

5.  Mario Game & Watch

After the wily plumber stomped his way to our hearts via the Family Computer, there came a Game & Watch version of our favorite tube fixers (and I mean that in a good way). Although you can barely see the ‘stach on their faces (all black), this game guaranteed loads of fun. Kind of like watching Laff-A-Lympics.

There you have it, my top 5 handheld games that I remember playing when the birds and the bees were still ensconced in their natural enclaves. Do you ou want to try some of these games? Here are some links!


Western Bar

Mario Bros

Enjoy and see you later!

2 thoughts on “Handheld Hangover

  1. One of the 1st game & watch games I ever played was the one that lets you shoot frisbees (forgot what it’s called). One of my erstwhile neighbors had it, so I asked my folks if I could have one as well. Sadly, even though my parents could afford, I never got my wish of owning one (same goes with my Voltes V, Daimos, Bioman & Maskman robot wishes in the past). 😦

    Remember back in 6th Grade Christmas party (1993) when I got your brick game handheld during the exchange gift? It was the 2nd most amazing gift I received that year (next to the new Family Computer from my uncle/ninong who also worked in Saudi Arabia). Umabot pa ng 1st year high school yun brick game mo bago nasira (the LCD faded) at favorite past time yun ng mga kasambahay namin noon. By that time, Vicky already got herself one of those X-in-1 devices.

    “Brick” Brickowski… how can I forget! 😀

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