Cool Gadget Designs You May Not Have Heard Of

With the recent release of the iPad 2, we can help think on what features we could have added or improve on to this new Apple product. Some of us may have ramblings about the design or the features and what not. The iPad, along with the Macs and the iPhone, have been iconic in the field of industrial design. They have become objects of desire.

What I’m going to feature in this blog today are concepts of gadget designs which you may not have seen or heard of, but it will be cool if these things are to be mass-produced. There are so many industrial designers around the world, especially in the Philippines, who deserve much love, support, and respect in their craft.

A cool tablet concept (much better than iPad?) – slideshow images #1-3

Today’s tablets, with all of its great features and bells and whistles, could have borrowed THE concept from a Polish designer named Patrycjusz Brzenzinski. The concept is called MacView -The Rersonal Library. It’s a multimedia tablet concept with two touch screens and was proposed to have features such as Bluetooth and 1 Terabyte of storage, some things that are not featured in the current roster of tablets.

A breakthrough mobile phone concept slideshow images #4-6

In a concept that could be made straight from Wall-E’s body, designer Mac Funamiza comes up with a cool mobile phone design that’s both classy and post-modern (or is it post-modern modern). Talk about using this phone in a Futurama-world. Details also show that this mobile phone concept is designed to use solar power as its energy source and store the same solar energy into a secondary battery.

The future of Internet search slideshow images #7-11

Another breakthrough design by Mac Funamiza, this concept is very much into place nowadays, such as geotagging. But in this idea, it only uses a thin slab of glass, some aluminum, and a very small body containing the circuit board, and you got yourself a bring-anywhere, lightweight device capable of downloading information about virtually anything that this  device scans and takes images of. It can shoot a photo of your living room and try on a piece of furniture that you’re planning to buy and have it simulated in your own living room. Tres bien.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At least they are concepts for now, but if you actually follow Moore’s law, you’d realize that concepts like these don’t sound too far-fetched.

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