Tribute to The Contrabidas

Paquito Diaz has recently passed on, meeting FPJ, Rudy Fernandez, Ace Vergel, and even Rene Requiestas in the gates of heaven continuing his thespic torment and that infectious villain laughter. Tito Kits, suddenly we realized that since all of the greats like you are being plucked one by one by The Great One, there are no strong bad guys and villains in Philippine movies anymore.

Here’s my simple tribute to the contravidas, the ones who make the bidas look good, the ones who raised hell..these are our Bad Guys, living or dead, in no particular order:


Romy Diaz




Best known for: The Ron Jeremy moustache, demonic laughter, deeply husky diabolical voice, big hats

Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia

rodolfo boy garcia








Best known for: Rapist roles, demonic laughter, heinous hairdo, roles that get him laughing while actually being shot at by the bida

Dick Israel




Best known for: Typically maniac roles, police asset/mole roles, 2nd-in-line to the gang leader

Roi Vinzon




Best known for: Crooked policeman roles, 3rd henchman roles, shades and yosi and sleek, brushed-up hairdo.

Roldan Aquino




Best known for: This line, “Titirisin ko ang garapatang payat na ‘yan!” in reference to any character played by Vic Sotto.

Subas Herrero




Best known for: Crooked politician roles – congressman, governor, mayor, etc., playing a rich dad who’s against the bida’s advances towards his unica hija.

Bomber Moran




Best known for: Being on receiving end of an FPJ flurry on the torso.

Rez Cortez





Best known for: Typically rapist roles, sometimes gay roles, bad brother to the female lead

Eddie Gutierrez


Best known for: Gang leader roles, congressman, governor, vice governor, mayor, vice mayor

George Estregan Jr.





Best known for: Psychotic street urchin roles

Joaquin Fajardo



Best known for: Drunken bastard roles, on the receiving end of the female lead’s slap after uttering “bitiwan mo ‘ko!”

Efren Reyes Jr.




Best known for: Rich gang member roles, drug lords, crooked policeman/colonel/ hepe

Paquito Diaz






Best known for: the hell in FPJ’s heaven,the prototypical bad guy. Pound for pound, the best villain in Philippine movies.


Speaking of Philippine showbiz, let me share this celebrity look-a-like for today:

Anthony Castelo and Jake Cuenca






Pinagbiyak na bunga: A young Anthony Castelo and Jake Cuenca


5 thoughts on “Tribute to The Contrabidas

  1. RIP to Paquito and to all those who went ahead of us. I guess there’s gonna be a reunion of stars up there…with Da King asking Tito Kits to join him once more in his movies…not to mention he’ll see his brother Romy again! Our dearly departed loved ones and friends will surely enjoy the all-star cast!

    I still can’t believe former punk actor George Estregan, Jr. is the governor of Laguna! Talk about changing the pace! LOL!

  2. si jess lapid jr. ang dating bida ngayon kontrabida na.
    si king gutierrez.kontrabida ni bong revilla minsan kalbo at minsan may buhok.

  3. ang magkapatid na mark gil at michael de mesa ay dating bida sa drama at nagiging kontrabida sa mga pinoy action movies.
    sina edu manzano,john regala at eddie garcia bida kontrabida rin
    si edu ay bida sa drama at naging kontrabida at bida sa aksyon
    si manoy eddie naman ay kontrabida na naging bida na sa mga action films.
    at si john regala naman ay kontrabida na naging bida at naging kontrabida uli.pero sa pelikulang vizconde massacre.naging rapist-killer siya ni carmela vizconde na ginagampanan ni kris aquino.

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