3 Types of People in the Workplace and random musings

Over the course of my young career, I found out that there are three types of people in the work place.

These are:

1. People who make things happen.
2. People who wait for things to happen.
3. And, people who go, “What happened?”

Which category are you in?


LeBron, DWade, and the rest of the Miami Heat have lost 4 in a row, last losing to the Chicago Bulls 87-86. Some of them were moved into tears inside their locker room, according to their coach, Erik Spoelstra. Well, this bunch could have had it, but it’s too early to say.

Remember all the hype following ‘Bron’s transfer to Miami? When everyone said they were going to beat the Chicago Bulls’
72-win season?
Unless they knew their roles and shut their mouths, they won’t go deep into the playoffs.


I was mildly suprised by the San Miguel-Air21 trade in the PBA. Mildly because we all know that the Beermen’s roster is
growing old. Surpised because Danny Seigle has been one of their franchise players, along with Danny Ildefonso.


Speaking of the PBA, I’ve grown to hate it when corporations hold too much sway over the lives of its players. Then
there’s this thing with multiple teams under the same conglomerate umbrella. Where’s the competition in that?

There’s nothing really special with which teams to root for anymore, methinks.

Isn’t it ironic that the Philippine Basketball Association is Metro Manila-focused by nature and the now-defunct Metropolitan
Basketball Association was nationwide in scope?

I wise there could be a revival of some sort with nationwide games. I mean, teams with hometown-grassroots support.


I can’t wait for WWE RAW this week. They’ll have Stone Cold Steve Austin in the mix.It’s a sad thought though that
WWE needed some veteran superstars’ help for their shows nowadays.


Finally, let me share my pet peeves through the years:

1. People who make their grocery bags “sit” on chairs intended for people. Even though perhaps you’re saving a “seat” for your loved ones, let’s give way to people and don’t pretend you don’t notice.

2. People who are too lazy to pass their jeepney fare and instead will wait on their perches near the “estribo” until someone sits on the
middle of the seats and then ‘tsaka ipapasuyo ang bayad. Lazy idiots. Especially, if there are only the two of you seated inside the jeepney.

3. Another jeepney pet peeve: you know you’re pissed off when you’re seated beside the driver and then there’s this woman who
seats beside you, and then when it’s time for you to drop off and say “excuse me” to the lady; the lady would barely move, making you go like a newly-hatched lizard struggling to get out of its shell.

4. Vendors who tell you why their chicharon (you’ve heard this when you’re aboard a passenger bus) is “espeysyal”. What is so “espeysyal” with the chicharon? How does a “regular” one look like?

5. “Bagong Luto”, and then you’ll notice restaurant food is pre-cooked.

6. Finally, second-hand gadgets for sale posted online which go 99% smooth…slight cracks on case but does not hamper unit’s
performance.., then you’ll see the gadget and think like this gadget was used to beat up someone. Probably, the owner’s own noggin.


Is it just me? Or is it that some Filipino topics in Wikipedia are poorly written. Are the articles lacking passive speech and are too biased?

Wikipedia is a great form of collaboration between people, but sometimes it’s often abused. As in the case of the Wikpedia article of Tito Sotto. It mentions something like “a well versed actor but not politician”.

Ika nga ni Tito eh ‘Nya-pa-che-pa-che!

Any crimes like this? Hit the comments and send me some links!


3 thoughts on “3 Types of People in the Workplace and random musings

  1. “NYAHHH-pa-che-pa-che!” ROTFLOL!!!

    Thanks for the GREAT and FUNNY posts Pareng Mike…gotta love the “pet peeves” section! I remember you telling me years ago about that pet peeve on having a seat mate when seated beside the driver (it annoys you unless you’re sitting with me or anyone you know). Didn’t realize about the chicharon, since di naman ako pala-kain nyan.

    Sana gawa ka rin ng kwento about the 3 princes of comedy: TVJ! 😉

    • Of course I remember Pamboy…if I’m not mistaken, “NYAA-pa-che” played the Pamboy character in “Kabayo Kids” and “Aso’t Pusa” with Aiza Seguerra.

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