Start Your Own Photography Business Ideas

Since the photography industry began many people have engaged in this type of business. Starting a photography business is a breeze. You have to have that “photographer’s eye” which can be trained upon constant practice, a camera, preferably with lens, a tripod, a computer, some skills in image editing (ex. Photoshop or Aperture), and good networking skills. Now, here are some awesome photography business ideas that you could engage in this coming new year.

1.) Food Photography – this could be the tastiest niche in photography especially if you love food. As a food photographer you have to have an excellent eye in detail when it comes to texture. A lot of food photographers improvise varied styling techniques on the subject, such as brushing egg whites onto a honeycured ham so it would look juicier than usual. A plain green salad can be boring, but if you add some different colored ingredients like vegetables, cheese, mayonnaise or croutons, it makes it look more divine. If you can’t handle the food styling yourself, make sure you get help from an expert food styler. But remember, when styling the food, the food will become inedible. Your target market includes restaurants, bakeshops, delis, and etc.  Some excellent and helpful links for tips and resources for food photography are The Daring Kitchen and Learn Food Photography. In the Philippines, PhotoKitchen has been making waves in the food photography scene.

2.) Bottles and Cans Photography – if you can engage in product photography why not target a very specific niche like bottles and cans? Their product shots will be used for marketing collaterals and promotions. Soda, coffee, juices, mineral waters, premium wines;who can forget beer? The list is practically endless! You have to have a good background in terms of lighting and taking close-up images. Think of the Heineken bottles that you see in their magazine ads and you pretty much get the drift. Great sites that feature this niche are the United Kingdom-based We Shoot Bottles and Germany’s Flachenfotos.

3.) Tours for Fellow Photographers – already an industry veteran?Why not share your knowledge and offer guided tours and personalized education to budding photographers? A thematic approach is used to guide the tour participants through the details of taking pictures within a particular subject, such as taking night shots, capturing architecture and landscapes, capturing the surroundings, and nightly critiques are provided at the end of each day. Photours also provides each participant a workbook filled with full details of the themes used on their trip. You can a start this business by planning which tours you will guide the participants through. If you live, for example, in a highly-urbanized area that features museums, tall buildings and malls, you can already have a headstart on a guided tour with a personalized education on urban photography. Photours is a good example of a business engaged in this niche. In the Philippines, think of mixing Carlos Celdran’s Walking Tours with lectures in taking photos and pretty much you have a big concept.

(Update) I’ve got more photography business ideas here at InfoBarrel. Check it out!)
(Image and links are for contextual purposes and not for any endorsement. No copyright infringement intended. I wrote this article in my other blog, but for the sake of sharing some cool ideas to the masses, you know, here it is – MLP)

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