Mike’s Post 2/16/11 – WWE, The Rock, NBA, and other cool things


On wrestling

Finally, The Rock has come back to WWE RAW. Ayos.

Obviously, Mr. Johnson will not work the full WWE schedule, but obviously it gave a needed shot-in-the-arm to the Wrestlemania 27 card. Promos That’s how you make a promo. You can feel the electricity and how The Rock controls the audience.

One amazing moment is when The Rock ate through Cenation’s character. Do we smell a confrontation soon?

Shawn Michaels? Check. The Rock? Check. Steve Austin? Maybe? Sting? Oh. I don’t necessarily believe this “2-21-11” hype.

CM Punk is hugely golden these days. Mason Ryan is a monster. Michael McGillicutty is, well, can’t figure out how to do the right facial expressions. David Otunga’s stock goes lower and lower and lower.

On basketball

First of all, go D-Rose!

After all these years, I still have a soft spot for Chicago. Go Bulls!

But they need a shooting guard to take the load off D-Rose.

So, where in heavens Carmelo Anthony is going to end up? Noo-Yawk?

Anyone excited about the All-Star Weekend? Hell yeah! Blake Griffin? Ooooh yeah! (Randy Savage reference)

On technology

Nokia and Microsoft partnering together is a pure win-win situation for both parties…..if they only did it eons ago.

Personally, I’m betting for a smaller iPhone sometime within the next 6 months. Also, a bigger iPhone is reported to be in the works too, so, keep checking. I’m hoping that Apple can use Corning Glass on their gadgets soon.

On the local scene

Well, I suppose that the brouhaha involving our Army has died down over the past few days after the death of Angelo Reyes.

Hayy, diosmio, as a race, we really have a short-term memory, right?

Hayden Kho vs. Sharon Cuneta. Who wins? Well, let’s put it this way, Marie-France has been successful in the past while an upstart perfume with a very very tainted brand (Hayden Paris) tries to grab a huge market share of the local perfumery scene. Medyo malabo pero, that’s what I think about it.

Over and out.

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